Black Garlic Bulbs

Black garlic is created by aging and fermenting raw garlic, turning the cloves deep black and soft, with an incredibly complex umami richness. The fermentation process tempers the harsh astringency of raw garlic and replaces it with a sweet, vinegary, earthy flavor.
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Our black garlic bulbs are grown and fermented on a Wisconsin farm. After the farmers harvest the raw garlic, it is treated with heat and humidity for a bit over one month to ferment and turn it into black garlic. The black color comes from the melanoidins, which are a product of the reaction between the sugar and amino acids naturally present in the garlic. During this process, the non-volatile ingredients of the raw garlic are preserved.

The amazing flavor of black garlic makes it a choice ingredient for chefs and home cooks alike. Because it’s a somewhat new ingredient, recipes using it range from risottos to tapenades to salad dressings and everything in between. The rich complexity of flavor lends itself well to Indian, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisines, with people finding different uses for it as time goes on.

Our black garlic is sold in pouches containing two full bulbs of garlic. Although it does not technically require refrigeration and is is shelf stable, due to the high moisture content it may mold if kept in a sealed container exposed to sun or heat. We recommend refrigeration to avoid this, and it will keep about a year when stored this way.

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