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Must Have Vegan Spices

Must Have Vegan Spices

Vegan cooking has a bad reputation for being bland, boring, or not satiating enough. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, especially when you have the right spices and ingredients to make a filling meal so that no one will miss the meat.

Are Spices Vegan?

While most spices you’ll find are vegan, there are some sauces and seasonings that you’ll want to steer clear of if you’re following a vegan diet. Be sure to check the ingredients of sauces and seasoning blends to ensure there is no fish, honey, or gelatin in the ingredient label.

List of Vegan Spices

These spices are all vegan and take your plant-based cooking to the next level

  • Basil
    • Basil is a classic spice that should be in every kitchen. It’s commonly used in Italian cooking and pairs perfectly with vegetables like tomato and mushrooms.
    • Try this vegan tomato sauce recipe that will elevate your favorite pasta dish.
  • Ground Cumin
    • Cumin adds a savory flavor to dishes like chili and curry, which are both staple vegan dishes.
    • This vegan eggplant curry served over rice is the perfect comforting, cold-weather vegan meal.
  • Roasted Granulated Garlic Powder
    • Roasted granulated garlic has a softer punch of flavor than fresh garlic and is the perfect spice for savory vegan meals.
    • Try roasted granulated garlic in these merguez chickpea fritters.
  • Porcini Mushroom Powder
    • Mushrooms are generally a staple in vegan diets due to their meat-like consistency and their savory, umami flavor that’s hard to find in other vegetables. If you don’t like the texture of mushrooms, try our Porcini Mushroom Powder for a depth of flavor without the texture.
    • This vegan morel bisque has a great earthy and savory flavor that even non-vegans can’t get enough of.
  • Adobo Seasoning
    • Adobo seasoning was originally used for curing meat, but the rich flavors work perfectly for vegetables as well.
    • Try these adobo black beans and elevate your typical rice and beans recipe.
  • Sweet Curry
    • This sweet curry keeps all of the rich curry flavors that you love, with none of the heat. Curry is an easy vegan dish where you can use whatever vegetables you have on hand.
    • Add any vegetables in your fridge to this vegan chickpea masala for a great Indian inspired meal.
  • Barbecue Rub
    • Our barbecue rub works well with almost any protein, including vegan favorites like tofu, tempeh, and black beans.
    • These vegan cauliflower steaks showcase the barbecue rub deliciously, give it a try!
  • Stir Fry Blend
    • Stir fry is another vegan staple, it’s an easy weeknight meal using frozen veggies, or any leftover vegetables in the fridge. This Argyle Street Stir Fry Blend brings together the Southeast Asian staple flavors for easy seasoning.
    • Try this Argyle Street Tofu in your next stir fry.
  • Gateway to the North
    • This maple garlic seasoning is savory and sweet and works especially well in baked beans or on sweet potatoes.
    • Try these vegan garlic maple sweet potatoes for the best way to experience our Gateway to the North blend. Substitute the melted butter for vegan butter.

To get a good start on your vegan spice collection, consider our Vegan Spice Bundle and get five essential spices, including our stir fry blend, adobo seasoning, sweet curry, and more!

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