Grill and Barbecue Gift Box, Deluxe

The Deluxe Grill and Barbecue gift set is one of our top selling gift boxes, containing all the flavor you'll need to make the most of the all-too-short Midwestern grilling season. Cooking over a fire seems to be a primal urge once the weather turns nice, but with these spices the resulting food can be as sophisticated as any cuisine.
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The packing material in your box can be used for cooking as well: Korintje Indonesian cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg from Grenada, and Turkish select bay leaves. This box includes our top ten blends for the grill, including:

JAMAICAN JERK SEASONING An exotic mix of sweet spices (such as allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon) along with the potent flavors of garlic and onion; all heated up by the addition of tthe fiery little habanero. This seasoning can be used as a dry rub; however, for authentic Jamaican jerk, follow the instructions on the bottle to make the marinade and let the flavors develop on the meat overnight. Not for the wimpy!

TRINIDAD STYLE LEMON-GARLIC MARINADE A uniquely simple blend of garlic, salt and lemon with just a pinch of cloves which will delight you. A customer from the Caribbean gave us this recipe because he knew his mother made the best fried chicken on the island. Also good for fried fish, grilled chicken, steaks, hamburgers, salads, eggs.

CAJUN STYLE BLACKENING SEASONING From our friends in Louisiana comes this classic American Cajun blend. Adds pizzazz to chicken wings, Louisiana-style catfish, chops, steaks, red snapper; use for spicy Cajun fries.

BRONZEVILLE RIB RUB Our best-selling seasoning for baby back pork ribs, bar none! Shake heavily onto ribs while grilling, or add to a tomato-based sauce for homemade barbecue sauce. Also great for pork chops, roasts, or chicken

KING CREOLE SEASONING Tasty all-purpose blend great on chicken, pork chops, steaks, fish, shrimp.

WEST INDIES BARBECUE SEASONING A delicious twist on classic barbecue flavor, with a pleasant and lingering heat. Use as a dry rub for poultry or pork. Mix in tomato sauce or catsup for your own homemade barbecue seasoning. Great for baby back ribs and a sure hit for baked beans.

BACK OF THE YARDS GARLIC PEPPER (BUTCHER'S RUB) Named after the area of Chicago famous for its meat packing plants, where thousands of new immigrants found jobs and homes in the 1800s, this is one of our best all-purpose blends. Ideal for grilled steaks. Great on turkey, chicken, duck, ribs, chops, hamburgers, veal, lake perch, eggs.

QUEBEC BEEF SPICE Mix a little red wine with some olive oil, shake on about 1-2 tsp. Quebec Beef Spice per pound and let marinate 20 minutes. When you throw the steak on the grill, add some beef stock to the remaining marinade and simmer a few minutes for au jus. The BEST!

MILWAUKEE IRON SEASONING The smoky chipotle chili pepper adds zip to this garlicky Southwestern seasoning. It's a staff favorite for grilled meats - simply shake on chicken, steaks, or pork before grilling. Tasty for homemade salsa or bean dip.

PILSEN LATINO SEASONING A spicy version of adobo seasoning we love on just about everything. Especially tasty to season homemade salsa, on chicken, pork, and Mexican fare. Delicious in homemade guacamole

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