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The Spice House
Rodney Scott - The Rodney Scott Collection
Rodney Scott - The Rodney Scott Collection
Rodney Scott - The Rodney Scott Collection
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The Rodney Scott Collection

Rodney Scott was born on a bed of smoldering oak and hickory coals. A bona fide whole-hog pitmaster and ​​James Beard Award winner, Rodney’s timeless techniques have attracted barbecue fans the world over. This collaboration of exclusive seasonings brings his favorite flavors to chicken, pork or whatever you decide to throw on the grill. Read More
The Spice House

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Garlic Butter Pepper Herb Rub

Sassafras trees line the highway leading to Rodney’s original Bar-B-Q stop in Hemingway, South Carolina. Inspired, we blended lemony sassafras leaves with buttery notes of herb, allium, and green peppercorn. Perfect for popcorn, chicken wings, or buttermilk dressing.

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Rodney Scott - Garlic Butter Pepper Herb Rub

Carolina Fire Chile Rub

Barbecue is a slow burn to perfection. This blend builds momentum with ancho chile, cumin, porcini mushroom, and tomato before a fiery finish from Carolina reaper and habanero chiles. Use this for blackened fish, pulled pork, or an unbeatable burger.

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Rodney Scott - Carolina Fire Chile Rub

Smoky Sweet Chile Hickory Rub

Hickory and oak wood are staple fuels for Rodney’s whole-hog barbecue. We infuse that spicy wood smoke flavor with a touch of guajillo chile heat and the right balance of sweet. Try it on smoked beef short rib and all cuts of pork or poultry.

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Rodney Scott - Smoky Sweet Chile Hickory Rub

Green Chile Lime Citrus Rub

Developed in partnership with Rodney Scott, this zesty rub leans heavy on green New Mexican chiles and lime. Dried green mango and Sichuan peppercorn offer surprise flavors to this southwest-inspired blend. Whisk with oil and citrus juice for a poultry marinade, or use it as a dry rub for smoked pork ribs.

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Rodney Scott - Green Chile Lime Citrus Rub

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Linda P.
Rodney Scott’s spice

actually these spices are a gift but I know they will
be good. Rodney Scott is a great cook and we have followed his recipes before.

Roslyn S.
Great Taste, but I react to MSG

I am a huge fan of Scott's having seen him on several TV shows on Food Network etc. I was interested in trying his flavors. I got these without reading the ingredients. I cooked up 4 chicken thighs with one spice each in a taste test. They are YUMMY. (I split each thigh with my husband so he could test too.) A short while later I noticed a headache. MSG headaches are different than other headaches for me and I had just bought David Chang Ramen without reading the ingredients and had this reaction, so I went to check. Sure enough. I'm going to pass them on to a friend who is not bothered with MSG. (I'll always read ingredients now!) I know a lot of the new crop (young) chefs are using MSG in their prepared concoctions.

If you aren't sensitive to MSG you'll find these delicious and refreshingly flavorful. The 3 star rating reflects my ambivalence—5 stars for taste, overall 3 stars as it would be great if they could have made them without MSG.

Love this collection

Love that this man is getting some shine🌞. Outstanding collection. You won’t be sorry.

Michelle S.
Must have!

They are worth ever penny! So good.

C. T.
Major Spice House FAIL!!!

I have been a fully satisfied and decade-long customer of the Spice House - the ONLY vendor from whom I EVER purchase my seasonings.

BUT…For anyone who is truly interested in delicious flavor profiles for your BBQ meats, veggies, and seafood, DO NOT BUY ANY OF THE SPICES IN THE NEW RODNEY SCOTT COLLECTION!

They TOTALLY missed the mark with this DISASTROUS collection and have done a respected pit master and restauranteur wrong by concocting and marketing these seasonings under his name. The seasonings are nothing else but an overpriced, - albeit creatively-named - totally misrepresented quartet of differently-hued bottles of bottles of SALT. Period. The seasonings will not “add” any flavor to your dishes but PURE OVERPOWERING SODIUM. Had there been a way to make this rating “0 Stars”, I would have.

What’s more disappointing is that when I contacted them about these seasonings is that somebody named “Joe G”, who they have entrusted as a Customer Service Manager, suggested that I should “regift” the opened product to somebody else if the seasonings were “not to my liking”. What a telling response from someone who enjoys the privilege of representing the apparent Spice House “brand”.

The Rodney Scott Spice House Collection makes a complete mockery of what fine BBQ rubs for any palate SHOULD consist of: a thoughtful blend of seasonings that offer flavor and BALANCE. And rest assured from a certified BBQ judge on the professional circuit - this is NOT that.

An abominable product and a far worse response from a once-respected spice retailer.

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