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shawarma seasoning
Shawarma Seasoning
shawarma seasoning
Shawarma seasoning flatpack
shawarma seasoning
shawarma seasoning
Shawarma Seasoning
shawarma seasoning
Shawarma seasoning flatpack
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Shawarma Seasoning

Shawarma is the now internationally popular style of meat preparation favored by Arabic street vendors. Descended from the Ottoman dish doner kebab, it's chicken, goat, fish or lamb marinated in seasoning and roasted on a vertical spit. Don't have a spit at home? Marinate your favorite cuts in our shawarma seasoning for a crowd-pleasing homemade version.

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The Spice House

Staff Tips & Tricks

  • Try this blend as dry rub for chicken, fish, or lamb.
  • Turn this spice blend into a marinade by mixing with olive oil or yogurt.
  • Looks and tastes amazing sprinkled over hummus.

About This Blend

This ancient street food consists of highly spiced, roasted meat shaved off a turning spit, piled on flatbread, and smothered with toppings. Use this blend as a dry rub, mix it with ground meat, or turn it into a marinade with olive oil or yogurt.


coriander, sumac, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, turmeric, cloves, allspice.

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shawarma seasoning

Shawarma Seasoning



 Za’atar Spice in a Dish


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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Trudy W.
Shawarma seasoning is wonderful!

Have made chicken shawarma twice (once with thighs once with breast) absolutely delicious!!!

Easy chicken dinner

Shawarma seasoning + chicken pieces in my air fryer = quick after work protein. Add a side of veggies and you are set!

Debra N.
Fantastic flavor

I love this Shawarma seasoning! It has so much flavor, perfect blend. It tastes just like the chicken Shawarma I get from a Mediterranean restaurant

Luan V.
Greta for lamb and chicken wings

I’ve tried this with lamb rack, chicken wings, and salmon. They work great for all meat, especially the lamb.

Barbara S.
Loving this blend

I'm using this blend a LOT. Very tasty and adds just the right amount of YUM.

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