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The Spice House Gift Guide

Gift guide for cooks. Gourmet food gifts.

Stop searching for the perfect gift; you’ve found it. Gift boxes from The Spice House are the perfect gift for any culinary personality in your life. We carry two dozen gift sets to wow everyone from the Explorer, to the Connoisseur, to the Impossible. If you’re lucky, you may reap the tasty rewards of your inspired spice gift.


The Explorer

We are fortunate to know explorers. They travel the world and return home with great stories and maybe a few recipes. Count on The Explorer to take the road less traveled. They trade comfort for adventure. Give The Explorer in your life our Middle East Collection.


Middle Eastern Collection

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The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur has the best of everything, which makes it difficult to buy them the perfect gift. That is why we invented The Spice Trader. This luxurious collection is the best of everything in our vast catalog. If you need to make a big impression, then impress The Connoisseur with The Spice Trader.

The Spice Trader

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The Apprentice

Great cooking starts with great spices. Help The Apprentice start their culinary journey by setting them up with the right spices. A young adult moving out of the family home—finally—will get a good start with our 10-jar Kitchen Deluxe Collection. 

Kitchen Deluxe Collection

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The Pizza Lover

The Pizza Lover may not be a cook, but does know how to order pizza. Elevate the pizza experience with the four pizza seasonings in our Deep Dish Collection.

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The Baker

More than a few bakers tell us our Saigon cinnamon has helped them win more than a few baking competitions. Our not-so-secret secret is freshness. The Baker in your life will appreciate the freshly ground Saigon cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg in our Baker’s Collection.

Baker’s Collection Gift Box

The Pitmaster

The Pitmaster is an easy mark when it comes to gift giving. There is always the clever apron, the set of fancy grilling utensils, or the Omaha Steak. The Pitmasters we know like all of these gifts, but they love the premium seasonings in our 10-jar Barbecue Deluxe Collection

BBQ Deluxe Collection Gift Box

The Seafarer

The Seafarer will love fishing even more than they already do when they season their catch with our blends. We are prepared for every fish with Salmon Seasoning, Cajun Seasoning, Friday Fish Fry Seasoning, and Chesapeake Bay Seasoning. There is room in every tackle box for the four jars in our Fisherman’s Collection.

Fisherman’s Collection Gift Box

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The Chicagoan

Can the rich culinary traditions of Chicago be packed into a single box? Yes! Venture across Chicago's diverse culinary landscape with the 10-jar Chicago Heritage Deluxe Collection.

Chicago Heritage Deluxe Collection Gift Box

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The Hibernator

Every family has at least one person who prefers to spend the winter months in footie pajamas. The Fireside Collection is perfect for The Hibernator and supports a diversity of warming drinks including hot cocoa, chai, and mulled cider. 

Fireside Collection Gift Box

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The Impossible

The Impossible defies all labels and is impossible to please. Before you throw your hands in the air and surrender, let us recommend an all-purpose option. Our Gift Card is flexible and easy. Everybody likes spices. Even the impossible person on your list will find something to like at The Spice House.

Virtual Gift Card

Whatever you decide, we thank you for visiting The Spice House. Please let us know if we can help. Spice merchants are standing by to assist every day of the week during business hours.

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Care to share your gift giving brilliance? Leave a comment on this page. We would love to know how you share the gift of spice.

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Like when you go in a store.


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