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Preserved Lemon Paste

Preserved lemons, or “lemon pickle” are a middle eastern delicacy and culinary vestige of the days before modern transportation. Lemons were traditionally preserved in salt, water, and spices for long-distance travel. This preserved lemon paste allows you to conveniently enjoy deep citrus and umami flavors in your recipes.
The Spice House
The Spice House


Preserved lemons are favored for their salty, tart, and heightened citrus flavor. Although modern refrigeration and transportation can send fresh lemons across the globe in a day, many cooks select preserved lemons for their unique flavor. Middle Eastern, American, Indian, and even English cookbooks call for this ingredient. The marmalade consistency of this preserved lemon paste allows you to easily add citrus complexity to traditional foods like tagines, stews, hummus, salad dressings, and marinades. For a delicious lemony hummus, try adding a spoonful of this paste to a food processor along with tahini, garlic, and chickpeas. You can even experiment with this lemon paste in desserts and craft cocktail recipes, like a lemon-basil cake frosting. Ingredients: lemons, lemon juice, sea salt.

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