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Baker's Dozen Set
Baker's Dozen Set
Baker's Dozen Set

Baker's Dozen Set

Exceptional bakers know the importance of fresh, premium spices. We curated a dozen jars of our most fragrant and flavorful baking essentials—from fiery, sweet cinnamon, to luxuriously camphorous cardamom. Twelve spices wasn't quite enough for the exceptional baker, so we added a Flatpack of our decadent vanilla bean sugar to make it a true baker's dozen.
The Spice House
The Spice House


This gift set contains the following spices:

Ground Saigon Cinnamon (Comes in a Jar)

Ground Ginger Root (Comes in a Jar)

Ground Cardamom Seeds (Comes in a Jar)

Ground Cloves (Comes in a Jar)

Dutched Cocoa Powder (Comes in a Jar)

Crystallized Ginger Nibs (Comes in a Jar)

Apple Pie Spice (Comes in a Jar)

Cacao Nibs (Comes in a Jar)

Espresso Powder (Comes in a Jar)

Ground Nutmeg (Comes in a Jar)

Poppy Seeds (Comes in a Jar)

Maple Sugar (Comes in a Jar)

Vanilla Bean Sugar (Comes in a Flatpack)


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Baker's Dozen Set

Baker's Dozen Set

Essential Spices Collection

The Essential Spices Collection

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The Spice Trader

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