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Five Reasons To Cook With ExactPacks

Five Reasons To Cook With ExactPacks

Our ExactPacks have become an instant hit with our customers. These pre-measured spice packets help you craft delicious dinners quickly and with ease. We are passionate about helping you discover delicious new flavors, and ExactPacks make culinary exploration all the more easy.


Dinner Made Quickly

ExactPacks feature chef-driven recipes that are simple and fun to make. Each dish can be prepared in 30 minutes and makes 4-6 servings, leaving you more time to sit around the table and connect with friends and family.

ExactPacks Make Dinner Delicious

Expertly crafted recipe that are easy to make. Shrimp, chicken, steak, and vegan hamburger

We craft these balanced blends in small batches, from freshly ground spices and premium herbs. We meticulously tested each ExactPack recipe to ensure they were as tasty as possible. We might have tested the recipes a few extra times, just to be extra sure...

Leave The Guesswork Out

With four fresh recipes to choose from, you can quickly plan your Monday-Thursday dinner schedule. Plus, each recipe comes with different serving suggestions. Don’t want tacos tonight? Serve that carne asada over a fresh salad or atop a grain bowl!

ExactPacks Travel Well

Slim and compact, ExactPacks are a perfect vacation accessory. Whether you’re camping out in the woods or having a luxurious stay at a beach rental, ExactPacks let you take delicious homemade meals with you anywhere.

ExactPacks Ship For Free!

Just like our Flatpacks, ExactPacks ship for free. Try one for dinner tonight, or treat yourself to the full Variety Set for the full experience.





Spice House on January 18th, 2022

Hi Pam,

The sodium contents for each ExactPack can be found in the details section of their product pages on the website. Additionally, the sodium and nutrition information is printed on the back of each ExactPack!

Pam Hall on January 17th, 2022

How much sodium (average amount) is in a pack.

I had another brand once and it was very salty

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