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Plum and fig smoothie with fresh cinnamon and star anise.

7 Spices to Add to Your Smoothies

Smoothies are the perfect no-recipe food to start the day. Most of us plug in the blender, toss in our favorite fruits, add a splash of milk, a spot of honey, and leave it at that. Freshly ground spices bring out the best in a fruit’s flavor and add excitement to your smoothie routine.
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How to Make Infused Liquors

How to Make Infused Liquors

We put together a quick guide to DIY infused spirits, so your spice cabinet and bar cart can become best friends.
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Employee at The Spice House putting on an apron with the Spice House logo.

Meet The Merchants: Willie

Get to know the people behind the world’s finest spices.
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Vegetable recipes seasoned perfectly with spice blends for vegetables.

The Best Spice Blend & Veggie Combos

Spice blends are an excellent way to make vegetables more exciting, often by simply dicing and seasoning them before tossing everything in the oven. We put together a few of our favorite spice blends and vegetable pairings to take the guesswork out of meal planning.
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Do Spices Go Bad?

Do Spices Go Bad?

Fresh spices make for incredible food, so it’s important to make sure your spices are adding their best flavors to your cooking. Dried herbs and spices don’t spoil necessarily, but they do lose flavor and aroma over time.
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Best Spices & Recipes of 2020

Best Spices & Recipes of 2020

Before we welcome a new year, let’s look back at the best recipes and spices of 2020.
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New Year’s Eve Cocktails

New Year’s Eve Cocktails

New Year’s Eve is a night for glitz and glamour, and drinks are no exception. Check our favorite beverage recipes for a grand new year.
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Top Holiday Brunch Recipes

Top Holiday Brunch Recipes

Sleeping in late during the holidays is one of life's greatest pleasures. (If the kids let you, of course!) Even better is when you’re awoken to the sweet, spicy smell of cinnamon rolls and hot coffee.
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Must Have Vegan Spices

Must Have Vegan Spices

Vegan cooking has a bad reputation for being bland, boring, or not satiating enough. However, this doesn’t have to be...
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Spice Spotlight: Allspice

Spice Spotlight: Allspice

What Is Allspice? Where Does Allspice Come From? Allspice, also called Jamaica pepper or pimento, is loved and widely used...
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Gourmet hot cocoa made with premium spices and cocoa mixes.

Upgrade Your Hot Cocoa

Vanilla is the one of the best flavor pairings for chocolate, accentuating cocoa’s earthy, sweet flavors and adding an aromatic lift that completes the chocolatey flavor profile.
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Person cooking with peppermint extract and substituting it for vanilla extract.

How to Use Peppermint Extract

If Jack Frost had a favorite flavor, it would surely be peppermint. A few drops of our peppermint extract add...
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