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Everything Bagel Seasoning Uses & Recipes

Everything Bagel Seasoning Uses & Recipes

Ever since we created our Everything Bagel Seasoning, our social media feeds have been brimming with pictures of your delicious bagel-less creations. We've been endlessly inspired by everyone's everything bagel avocado toasts, deviled eggs, leafy salads, ramen noodles, soft pretzels, and even a macaron! Of course you can make homemade everything bagels, but the real fun starts with dips, salads, and oven-baked salmon. If you have a favorite way to use our everything bagel seasoning, email us at, or leave us a comment below.

Everything Bagel Cheese Ball

Deconstructing a dish seems to be every chef’s dream these days, reinventing a recipe with its essential flavors and ingredients. We reenvisioned the classic lox platter with this smoked salmon everything bagel cheese ball. Just be sure you have extra bagel chips on hand.


Everything Bagel Snack Dip

The best part of this recipe is the juxtaposition of the creamy dip and that garlicky bagel crunch. We also love putting a little bit of everything in our hummus recipes too. Homemade or store-bought, dips are always better with a bit of bagel on top


Everything Baked Salmon

Salmon on a bagel? Sure! But, how about putting bagel on a salmon? The maple mustard marinade pairs perfectly with the toasted bagel toppings. This encrusting technique is an excellent way to cook any fish filet and can be modified with bread crumbs or slivered almonds.


Sourdough Everything Bagels

We wouldn’t have everything without the bagel, so we must never forget about this spice blend’s roots. We love our friend Anela Malik’s bagel recipe because it inspired us to use that sourdough starter many of us have sitting in the refrigerator.



No-Knead Everything Bagel Bread

This recipe has been adapted from Mark Bittman and Jim Lahey's original no-knead bread recipe. Click here to read our original no-knead bread post with step-by-step pictures of how to handle the dough.


Everyone's Favorite Bagel Recipes 




Joyce Holmes on February 24th, 2021

I like to put this on avocado toast,although I found your version to be overly salty.

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