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Lemony Moroccan Hummus

Lemony Moroccan Hummus
The classic recipe for hummus (tahini and chickpeas), is just the jumping-off point into a world of different combinations. Different beans (black, kidney, pea, lentil, etc.) and different spices mean you never have to make the same hummus twice. In this recipe, preserved lemons add their tart, salty tang. Ras el Hanout adds a complex and aromatic quality that is unmatched by most homemade spice bledns.

Submitted by: Steven from 37 Cooks,
Yield: makes about 2 cups


Featured in this Recipe

Chiles, Urfa Biber

Urfa Biber


Flatpack, 1/2 Cup
Ras El Hanout

Ras El Hanout


Jar, 1/2 Cup, 2.3 oz.


Preparation Instructions:

  1. Combine all ingredients in food processor, process until smooth.

  2. Add more chickpea liquid if necessary to get to a silky consistency.

More About This Recipe

*Note: rinsing the lemon is very important. If you don’t rinse the lemon, your hummus will be excessively salty.


Based on 6 reviews

Customer Reviews


No, no, no. I should have trusted my instincts when I read miso paste. This is truly awful, and a waste of very expensive ingredients!


I love hummus and it’s a staple in my refrigerator. I was excited to try a new combination of flavors. My excitement was only matched by my disappointment at the salty, acidic, unbalanced mess that I ended up with. I hope I can find some other things to make to use the special ingredients that I ordered for this disaster.

What In Tarnation

I was so excited to try this hummus. I ordered my spices, preserved my lemons, and waited patiently for the month to go by for them to be ready to use. I FINALLY was able to make this today and man was it the weirdest combination of flavors I’ve ever had. The lemon was just soooo much. And not in a normal citrusy way but it was almost like if you took lemon candy flavoring and put it in hummus. It was almost all I could taste, except for the bitterness of the (probably too much) tahini and the nutmeg in the ras el hanout. It’s just weird. I’m hoping that the flavors will start to meld and make more sense after sitting in the fridge overnight, but for now, the only satisfaction I’ve gotten out of waiting a whole month to make this recipe is writing this review.


It’s reeeal good. But for the love of God, reduce the garlic. I’d go with one or two small cloves. It’s seeping out of my pores 2 days later.

Also, a tiny bit too much tahini for my taste. I’d maybe drop it to 3/8 of a cup. I didn’t have preserved lemons, so I used lemon juice. Actual preserved lemons might help cut the tahini, so take it with a grain of salt… Which it could also use, but just one grain.

Gemini Garner-Jones

Absolutely the best hummus I’ve ever had. We’ve also changed it up a bit by adding roasted red peppers, which made this recipe even more delicious.

anthony r

Preserved Lemons, Home made of course, are worth their weight in Gold. Make some with this Recipe to start you on your way.

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