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The Spice House
Gift Box, Barbecue Collection
Gift Box, Barbecue Collection
Gift Box, Barbecue Collection
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Barbecue Collection

Whether you're practicing on the hibachi, grilling with gas, or making a hickory master pit, this selection of blends and rubs will earn you a clap on the back. Slather meats in any of the marinades, glazes, rubs, or sauces in this Barbecue Collection and we guarantee you'll run out of napkins as guests line up for more.

*Please note: Gift box appearance may vary.

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The Spice House

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Brisket of Love Barbecue Rub

A Spice House manager created this sumptuous blend as a parting gift for guests at his barbecue-inspired wedding. It is sweet and tangy with a peppery bite, perfect for slow-smoked brisket. Use this blend to add some kick to your Shabbat dinner, corned beef, or homemade pastrami.

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Brisket of Love BBQ Blend

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

People visit Jamaica for the beaches, but they stay for the jerk. Jamaican Jerk Seasoning is the island's piquant allspice and chile pepper rub for chicken and pork. Jerking is the technique of poking small holes in meat to infuse it with the jerk flavor.

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Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Bronzeville Southern Rib Rub

We developed this rub to honor the Southerners who moved to Chicago in the 1920s, '30s, and '40s. Among the traditions they carried north was a tangy preparation for baby back ribs. Whether you crave ribs, a pork roast, chicken, or duck, this dry rub brings the flavor down home.

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Bronzeville Rib Rub

Chipotle Garlic Barbecue Blend

The word barbecue, though practically synonymous with American cooking, actually hails from Hispaniola. We added chipotle and Mexican oregano to our blend. Try our Chipotle Garlic Barbecue Blend on meats and beans to make your next barbecue more North American, in the widest sense of the term!

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Chipotle Garlic BBQ Blend


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
B. M.
A Successful Gift

I bought this set as a birthday gift and the person who received the gift loved them. They have been using them for all their BBQ's and everyone loves them.

Kierra L.C.
Great Father's Day Gift

I got some of these spices for my father around his birthday and when I asked him what he wanted for Father's Day he asked for more of these spices. He loves them, enough said.

Jeff H.
Gift box

received this 4 jar gift box for Christmas. Very good flavors! Bronzeville and Chipotle Garlic are now empty...used on beef and pork. The Jerk seasoning is excellent on chicken and pork tenderloin. Looks like i'll be placing an order for replacements, and possibly expand into other flavors!...Perhaps some 8 oz and 16 oz jars can be added to store?

David M.
the perfect gift for someone who grills

Needed a gift for a relative who was picking me up at the train station for a visit. He loves to grill and this gift box is elegant and contains a great assortment of rubs for the grill

Pam W.
Great selection

I bought these for my husband. He's been very happy with this selection. He loves to cook on his Acorn grill and he's having a great time creating new meat dishes for us to try. Even the gift box package was a very nice presentation.

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