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Beef Bourguignonne

This came together from a compilation of other stews and recipes. This is great company stew. Guests are always amazed at the flavor.





In a heavy pot:
Melt butter; add beef and brown
Pour Sherry over the beef; remove meat from pan with slotted spoon.
Add mushrooms; cook/stir for a min.; Blend in flour, catsup, gravy sauce, and water (or beef broth)
Cook and whisk till gravy comes together and begins to boil
Return meat to pan; Add 1 cup of Red wine, bay leaf, fines herbes, S&P to taste
Simmer (covered) for 2-2 1/2 hours until meat is tender. Add more Red wine as you cook
Add onions to pot before ready to allow to cook and absorb flavors.
You can always add more Red wine


This is a great stew. I pour the stew over large noodles.
Crusty French bread is a must with it.

Photo by Rita Goeckeritz


This recipe was provided by Judith B from Hackensack