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Hanukkah Spices

Whether it’s a cinnamon stick simmering in your homemade applesauce for savory latkes, or barbecue spices on your braised brisket, we are delighted to be a part of your Hanukkah dinner traditions. See our kosher spices collection to shop for certified kosher spices, herbs, and seasonings.
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Showing 44 spices

Vanilla Extract, Mexican

Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract

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Sesame, Black Seeds

Black Sesame Seeds

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Fennel, Ground Seeds

Ground Fennel Seeds

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Vanilla Extract, Tahitian

Tahitian Pure Vanilla Extract

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Cocoa Powder, Natural

Natural Cocoa Powder

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Water, Rose

Rose Water

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Vanilla Beans, Mexican

Mexican Vanilla Beans

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Vanilla Beans, Tahitian

Tahitian Vanilla Beans

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