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Chili Con Tempeh

Chili Con Tempeh
Tempeh is a naturally-fermented soy bean cake that originates from Indonesia. It is a popular substitute for meat and can be found at many organic grocery stores.

Submitted by: Stephanie from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Preparation Instructions:

Place Olive oil, Tempeh, celery, carrots, garlic, and onion in a stock pot with 2 Tablespoons Chorizo seasoning.

Simmer on low-medium heat until the onion is softened and translucent.

Add the remaining raw vegetables, Green Chile powder and Chili Con Carne, and add Vegetable Broth to the pot by 1/3 cup at a time to prevent burning.

When the peppers begin to soften, add the chipotle, beans, tomatoes and tomato paste, and enough broth to cover all the ingredients.

Simmer on low-medium heat until the vegetables are thoroughly cooked, adding in the green onions and cilantro near the end of cooking.

When chili is done, remove from heat and let rest for 10 minutes, adding vegetable broth if necessary.

Salt to taste with finely ground Himalayan Pink Salt, and serve with rice and avocado slices.

More About This Recipe

Low-fat, colorful, and delicious, this chili is excellent served with brown Jasmine rice seasoned with saffron and cilantro, and slices of avocado sprinkled with Black Lava Salt and Half-Sharp Paprika.



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