Lavender Vanilla Sugar

We mix French lavender blossoms with our pure vanilla sugar for a delicate sweet flavor that’s wonderful in tea or coffee, or shake onto toast or pancakes for a breakfast treat. The balance of creamy vanilla and herbal, floral lavender also pairs brilliantly with chocolate; try mixing into hot cocoa or sprinkling onto brownies or chocolate cupcakes.


Spice Region
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When two of our store managers returned from a trip to Paris with samples of lavender vanilla sugar, we knew we had to recreate such a magical blend in our shops. We start with our premium vanilla sugar, made in small batches with hand-chopped Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans and extract, then add just the right amount of high-end lavender to get a subtle floral note without tasting bitter or soapy. We love this lavender sugar in strong black tea or coffee, or as a fragrant topping for baked goods, pancakes, and waffles.

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