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Beef & Steak Recipes

From an elegant steak au poivre to a humble hamburger, we have the recipes and spices to make any cut of beef a cut above the rest.

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Fish & Seafood Recipes

Here you can find the best recipes for preparing seafood, whether it is freshly caught or simply store-bought. Start with a few of our favorites such as cedar plank salmon, fried fish filets, or cajun shrimp.

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Chicken & Poultry Recipes

From a basket of fried chicken, to a full on thanksgiving turkey, here you can discover flavorful poultry recipes to delight your palate.

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Vegetable Recipes

Spices elevate the underrated flavors of any vegetable. Here you can learn how to prepare the perfect grilled eggplant or a delectable carrot soup.

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Grilling Recipes

If it's cooked over a flame, you'll find the recipe for it here. Spices are an integral part of barbecue and grilling. Discover new tastes, techniques, and recipes with The Spice House.

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Signature Seasonings Recipes

Recipes featuring our signature blends.

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Pantry Staple Recipes

Recipes featuring our premium, pantry staples.

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East Asian Recipes

Recipes featuring premium spices & blends.

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Indian Recipes

ndian cuisine is perhaps the most well-versed in the use of spices. Black pepper originated in India, after all. Here you will find our favorite Indian recipes.

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Italian Recipes

The Italian Peninsula is a culinary paradise. From freshly made pasta to premium aged parmesan, flavors are rich and varied. Here you can find our favorite Italian-inspired recipes.

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Mediterranean Recipes

Here you can discover the most flavorful expressions of the Mediterranean region.

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Mexican Recipes

Mexico's contributions to the culinary world are nearly countless. What's certain is we can thank Mexico for popularizing the use of chiles, cocoa, vanilla, tomatoes, and corn. Here you can discover delicious new ways to prepare these ingredients with timeless Mexican recipes.

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About Us

Since 1957, we’ve been the most trusted name in spices sourcing the world’s finest spices, dried herbs, specialty salts, and signature seasonings.

Built on a rich heritage, we understand what separates good spices from great ones. Our exceptionally high quality standards drive our processes from start to finish to deliver unparalleled flavors and aromas.

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Why The Spice House

Expertly sourced, phenomenally fresh.

Decades-long relationships with spice producers across the globe.

Crafted in small batches in our own USA manufacturing facilities.

Featured in over 2 million kitchens nationwide.

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