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California Basil, Organically Sourced

Basil and basilisk share etymology and a story: basileus in ancient Greek means king. Romans believed the king of herbs was an antidote to venom of the serpent king, the basilisk. (Hard to disprove...the beast is imaginary!) Dried basil in the remedy for any tomato sauce missing an herbal accent. Also available in Sweet California Basil, or Original Egyptian Basil.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


Our premium California basil is very clean with an excellent flavor and color, and is among the more costly "coarse broken leaf" variety. Basil is the top selling herb in the US, and makes an unbeatable trio when combined with garlic and tomato. When it comes to using basil for pesto, most people cannot distinguish between this dried basil and the fresh leaf. The greatest perk of using this dried basil is that it will last for many months when stored in a cool, dry cabinet. Ingredients: Basil. 


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