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Avocados from Heaven

Avocados from Heaven
Mau Mau was my great-grandmother who came across on the boat from France and married a New Orleans doctor. She had a recipe that you will love if you make it right. You will never eat an avocado another way again! This is a good dressing for salad too. Especially if you use avocado in it .

Submitted by: Phil from Lexington, Kentucky


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Preparation Instructions:

Take a pint jar and pour in about 3/4 inch of blended vinegar, part apple cider and part balsamic, then add 1 and 1/4 inch of oil. Add mayonnaise, salt, pepper,sugar, and paprika. Put the lid on and shake like hell for 1 minute. Cut each avocado in half long ways, take out the seed and put the avocado halves in bowls. Fill the seed hole with your sauce and dig in get some sauce with each bite of avocado (use a tea spoon to eat with)



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