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Saffron and Chile Pepper Gin

Saffron and Chile Pepper Gin

This spicy and sophisticated gin is easy to make. Enjoy this infused spirit on the rocks or add it to tonic water with twist of lime for something a little more complex.

While authentic gin requires a second distillation after infusion, don’t let that stop you from creating gin at home. This homemade style of gin is often called compound gin, made from vodka and spices. It may not be clear like authentic gin, but it is just as flavorful.

Submitted by: Lonnie from Chicago, Illinois
Yield: 1 -750 ml bottle's worth

Preparation Instructions:

Put juniper in a quart jar, pour vodka. Cap the jar tightly and let it infuse for twelve hours or overnight.

After twelve hour pre-soak, add the rest of the herbs and spices to the vodka. Let sit and infuse for 36 to 72 hours. Taste as you go.

Strain the infused gin into another jar using a fine mesh sieve. Store in a bottle or jar in a cool, dark place for up to a year.

More About This Recipe

For extra heat, dust the rim of your glass with the Spice House's Vulcan's Fire Salt.



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