Bridgeport Seasoning

Bridgeport seasoning is one of our favorites for all types of potatoes, so we highlighted its connection to the Irish by naming it after Chicago’s famous Irish neighborhood. Bright and cheesy, this potato spice mix is also tasty in pasta salad or on steamed cabbage or other veggies.


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This cheesy Bridgeport seasoning is great on potatoes but also on fried chicken and fish. Sprinkle it on the meat before grilling or frying, or mix it into flour and breadcrumbs for a seasoned breading. It’s also wonderful for potato salad. For unbeatable roasted potatoes, coat small red or new potatoes with oil, then roll them around in Bridgeport Seasoning, wrap in foil and grill. The skin will be amazing. A pinch of Bridgeport potato spice mix is also nice on eggs, as well as on steamed vegetables and artichokes. 

Hand mixed from: red peppers, romano, Kosher salt, toasted onion, thyme, rosemary, cayenne, basil, white onion, and Tellicherry pepper. Sodium content: 224.65 mg per teaspoon; 7.25% sodium

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