Gift Card Package

Large square gift card 2018


Why choose a gift card? Spices are a very thoughtful gift for someone that loves to cook. However, choosing from over 350 different products can present quite a dilemma. Do they like spicy food? Do they only eat salt free foods? Do they eat lots of steaks? Do they only eat tofu? A gift card is a great option, if you're trying to purchase a gift for someone and you're not sure what type of dishes they like to prepare. This way, they can select from their own favorites.

Included in the bag are some cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, and cloves, to give it the scent of shopping in our store.

Please note the the gift cards ordered online can be used in any of our stores, online, or on the phone.

You can also order a virtual gift card to be delivered instantly by email. Virtual gift cards can be sent to any email address, and used to place orders online, over the phone, or in any of our stores. Because they are emailed rather than shipped, virtual gift cards have no shipping cost and the delivery is instantaneous, making these a perfect last-minute gift option.

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