Orange Flower Water

Large square orange flower water
This fragrant liquid is commonly used in the Mediterranean to flavor sweet pastries and breads. Delicately floral with citrusy hints, orange flower water pairs beautifully with vanilla, honey, and fruit.


Spice Region
Inline middle east

Oranges proliferate in Mediterranean countries. They are enjoyed as is, or in an abundance of dessert dishes. Their blossoms are even distilled into flower water, which is often used in addition to oranges.
If you have recipes for orange flower water you'd like to share, please submit them to our recipe section. We'd love your input. Bon Appetit's website, "" has some wonderful exotic recipes. Among them are "POMPE A L'HUILE," or traditional Provencal Christmas cakes. Another is an unusual Egyptian dessert dish called "OM ALI"--which is made with bread in the country, and the more sophisticated phyllo pastry in the city.
Product of Lebanon, no preservatives

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