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Argyle Street Seared Tuna

This recipe was prepared by Chef Kevin Bozis for our "Stir It Up in Chicago" event at Kendall College, entitled "A Spicy Asian Journey," in August 2005.



4-6 servings


Rinse tuna and pat dry with a clean towel. Rub the tuna with vegetable oil and roll it in the Arygle Street seasoning to coat all the way around. Pack the seasoning on, using your hands. Make sure there is a thick coating all around.

Heat a large saute pan with several tablespoons vegetable oil. Once it starts to smoke, add a splash of sesame oil and then the tuna. Cook turning until the spices turn brown on all sides, about 1 minute per side. You don't want to cook the tuna through. Expensive cuts of tuna are best served raw.

Cover and refrigerate. Once cooled, slice into thin pieces and serve. This dish goes well with rice and wasabi sauce.


To make a wasabi sauce to pair with this tuna, simply mix powdered wasabi with water to your desired consistency.

The recipe for Sticky Rice on this site goes very well with the tuna.