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Nuts - Sweet & Spicy

Nuts are a great party snack, but many of the recipes for spiced nuts were either too hot or too pungent for the nuts own flavors. I developed this recipe after my first trip to the spice house.
Serve alone with cocktails, or sprinkled over a spinach or leafy green salad.



Bag of nuts


Preheat a heavy flat frying pan (not cast iron).
Lay some parchment paper onto the counter top.
Mix together the sugar & cinnamon until well combined.
Sprinkle this mixture onto the hot pan.
Stir with the wooden spoon as the sugar disolves and turns golden. 3-4 mins
Sprinkle the nuts in the pan in one layer.
Stir until all the nuts are well coated, 2-3 mins.
Scrape nuts onto the parchment paper to cool.
Its ok if there are nuts clusters, they can be broken when cooled.


Do not use a cast iron pan.
Tested with cashews, almonds, mixed nuts
Fantastic topping for a spinach or butter lettuce salad.
Do not sample the nuts from the pan because the high heat in the sugar will burn fingers!!


This recipe was provided by mimi m from redwood shores