Salmon Seasoning

“What’s good on salmon?” is the question we get most often, after queries about seasonings for chicken. Many of our blends are delicious on seafood, but this mixture of dill, caraway, and mustard is formulated specifically for distinct flavor of salmon.


This seasoning holds its own with the robust flavor of salmon. Rub onto salmon steaks or fillets right before grilling, broiling, or frying. Don’t save this one just for salmon. Try it on pork, in potato salad, or sprinkle it on grilled sauerkraut with bratwurst.

Our salmon spice blend is hand mixed from: salt, sesame seeds, dill seed, black, white, and green pepper, garlic, lemon peel, mustard seed, onion, caraway, rosemary, dill weed, and cayenne. Sodium content 219.32 mg per teaspoon; 9.25% sodium

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