Milwaukee Iron Seasoning

This bold and spicy blend was created to commemorate the 95th birthday of Harley Davidson, which shares a Milwaukee birthplace with The Spice House. Full of rich chipotle and garlic flavors, this Southwestern style seasoning is one of our best for hog.


This is a staff and customer favorite for all kinds of cooking. Shake it on chicken, turkey legs, or pork before grilling, mix into ground beef or turkey for deliciously spicy burgers, or stir into baked beans or barbecue sauces. Wonderful on oven-roasted sweet potatoes or homemade potato chips. Mix with our popular Gateway to the North Maple-Garlic Seasoning for an unbelievable sweet-spicy-smoky barbecue rub.
Hand mixed from: assorted chile peppers, salt, garlic, coriander, cumin, cayenne, onion, and parsley. Sodium content: 404.96 mg per teaspoon; 12.77% sodium

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