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Black Truffle Oil

Black truflles lend their heartier and stronger flavor to this infused oil. Use this to finish dishes to which you want to lend rich truffle notes. Useto finish steak, in mushroom dishes, or to transform everything from mac-n-cheese, french firies and popcorn into the most indulgent of meals. Also available in White Truffle Oil, or White Truffle Salt.

The Spice House
The Spice House


The truffle is a tuber of unusual flavor and aroma savored in Italian and French cookery. Truffles have yet to be successfully cultivated so their scarcity commands a high price. Due to their short growing season and high demand, truffles can sell for up to $800 per pound, and Piedmont truffles are especially prized for their exceptional flavors. Our black truffle olive oil is a great way to experience the taste of fresh truffles without breaking the bank. Black truffle olive oil is stronger than its white counterpart and is a nice addition to vinaigrettes and marinades. Just a drop or two of the oil will bring out a fuller truffle flavor in your dish. It pairs very nicely with any dish involving mushrooms, as the truffle taste compliments other mushrooms. White truffle oil will get stronger when added to a dish before cooking, while black truffle oil is strong enough to add as a finish to your dish.



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