Apple Pie Spice

A sweet combination of spices that makes the most delicious apple pie is also useful in other baked goods, and even some savory creations. This apple pie spice blend makes a wonderful replacement for plain cinnamon in baking recipes, or just sprinkle it onto fresh sliced fruit for a healthy treat.


Besides being great in any sweet dish involving apples, this apple pie spice mix also makes a warm addition to waffle batter and is nice sprinkled on French toast and in the crumbled toppings to spice cakes. It’s even tasty used in in bbq sauces and Chinese style stir fries..

This blend of apple pie spice is hand mixed from sweet China cassia cinnamon, Ceylon true cinnamon, powdered cassia buds, East Indies nutmeg and mace. Use about 2 teaspoons per 9-inch pie.

Recipes featuring this spice

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