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Charnushka Seeds

Kalonji is also known as nigella, black caraway, black onion seed, and charnushka. You will find it on Middle Eastern breads and crackers and sprinkled on Indian and Bengali vegetable dishes. These tiny seeds add a gentle, earthy flavor that falls somewhere between cumin and thyme.

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The Spice House
The Spice House


Charnushka is a flavorful black seed typically used in Jewish rye bread and flatbreads, and also in certain savory pastries and cheeses. Charnushka is often mixed together with other seeds, such as mustard, fennel, cumin, and fenugreek, to create a blend popular in Bengali beans and veggie dishes known as panch phoron. Nigella sativa is commonly found as an ingredient in curry and garam masala recipes from India, where it is known as Kolonji. Ingredients: Charnushka seeds. 


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