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5 Ways to Use Vulcan's Fire Salt

5 ways to use The Spice House's Vulcan's Fire Salt

Vulcan’s Fire Salt is a delight for the daring palate. We named it after the Roman god of fire, channeling his temperament through a blend of hot chiles, garlic, lime, shallots, and a few little secrets. Vulcan’s Fire Salt is a staple seasoning for everything from scrambled eggs, to buttered popcorn, to pepperoni pizza. While we love this blend as a condiment, there is so much more one can do than shake it over everything that is savory. How do you use Vulcan’s Fire Salt? Let us know in the comments below.

Bloody Mary, But Better

Vulcan's Fire Salt in a bloody Mary

Sure, celery salt is the classic accoutrement to this essential brunch beverage. However, a rim of Vulcan’s Fire Salt will blow any ordinary bloody out of the water. You might even find yourself sneaking a jar of Vulcan’s into restaurants to liven up their house bloody mary recipes.


Dangerous Dip

Vulcan's Fire Salt in creamy vegetable dip

Creamy dips are perfect for harnessing the heat of Vulcan’s Fire Salt. You can also fix up an ordinary dip and veggie tray by adding a layer of Vulcan’s on top of the dip. That layer is an excellent example of depth of flavor, leading with complex heat then delving into savory ranch or dill dip. We also made our own dip specifically for Vulcan’s. Cream cheese, scallions, roasted garlic, and a generous spoonful of Vulcan’s. What’s not to like?


Fiery Homemade French Fries

Vulcan's Fire Salt on homemade french fries

Sometimes the simplest foods are often the best. Potatoes, oil, and salt are all you need to craft the perfect French fry. This Belgian frites recipe takes a fancy turn with truffle salt, turning something humble into something deliciously decadent. Swap that salt for Vulcan’s to set your French fries on fire.


Guacamole with Gusto

Vulcan's Fire Salt in guacamole

The salty, spicy tang of Vulcan’s Fire Salt is already perfect for snacking on mashed avocado over toast. It gets even better when you whip up a proper bowl of guacamole. Vulcan’s adds that little “something extra” flavor to an already-adored dish. This recipe originally calls for our Pilsen Spicy Adobo Seasoning, but you can substitute an equal amount of Vulcan’s for extra gusto.


Go Nuts

Sweet, salty, and spicy—these candied walnuts practically disappear once they’re cool enough to eat. (At least temperature-wise.) Try this recipe preparation with your favorite type of nut for an inspired cocktail party snack.


BONUS: Savory Meat Pies

Famed Chicago chef, Paul Kahan, knows a good thing when he tastes it, as is evident by any of the offerings at any of his many Chicago-based restaurants. At Kahan’s restaurant, The Publican, there’s a pork pie made with Vulcan's Fire Salt.





Nancy Hammel on May 11th, 2023

Hello! I am delighted to have found your website and am currently excited about putting together my order

However, I must tell you that the beautiful photograph you have promoting one to “Go Nuts” and use you Vulcan Salt to prepare Vulcan Walnuts shows PECANS in the photograph, not walnuts. 😆 You might want to correct that. 😄 Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to trying the Vulcan Salt, among the many other herbs and spices you offer!

Elizabeth on January 24th, 2023

I’ve always found Vulcan’s Fire to be a great addition to deviled eggs! Also good on a fried egg sandwich. Yum

S Monahan on November 1th, 2021

“back in the day” we would make “spicy honey” to accompany our fried chicken and waffles at Ina’s Restaurant in the West Loop…easiest recipe ever…using a “honey bear bottle” that is filled to the neck with honey, add enough Vulcan Salt to cover the surface of the honey, fill the rest of the bottle with very hot water to activate the spice, recap the bottle and shake to distribute the spice and thin the honey a bit…

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