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Ask a Chef: Cooking Tips with Teri Turner AKA nocrumbsleft

Ask a Chef: Cooking Tips with Teri Turner AKA nocrumbsleft

Working at The Spice House connects us with some of the world’s most passionate cooks, chefs, and culinary experts. Ask a Chef is a series where we lean on the expertise of our culinary friends and partners to help everyday cooks make more delicious food at home.

We sat down with Teri Turner, founder of nocrumbsleft. Teri is also is a Master Collaborator, Blogger, Food Columnist, regular contributor to Whole30 and editor @thefeedfeed.

What is your culinary specialty or field of expertise?

I’m a home cook who loves to eat. I specialize in offering inspiration for everyday cooking. My specialty is beautiful soups, sumptuous salads, lovely sandwiches, and what to make next for dinner.

What are the top 5 spices or seasonings you always keep on hand?

Garlic Powder

It just makes everything taste better--there is simply nothing better than a skirt steak with salt and garlic powder. I add it to my Weeknight Chicken Stir Fry or roast chicken, too.

Aleppo Pepper

This is my favorite pepper. It’s got a fabulous tang and a perfect balance of heat. It’s a go-to for everyday cooking! It’s one of the stars of the show in my Spiced Pork Tenderloin.


This is another go-to. I use it everywhere you’d use cumin. It’s spectacular with my Clementine Sumac Roast Chicken, a burger, or eggs, and lovely in a salad dressing.


Oregano is in my legendary Marinated Red Onions, and I’m pleased to say that this popular recipe has everything to do with delicious oregano.

Smoked Spanish Sweet Paprika

Whether in my Guajillo Chile Meatballs, meatloaf, stew, or sauce, smoked sweet paprika (or smoked hot paprika, or sweet Hungarian!) is a must-add in your everyday cooking.

What are a few cooking ingredients home cooks should spend extra for?

Sheep’s milk feta, a good olive oil for finishing, and a high quality balsamic vinegar.

High quality, amazing spices are the most inexpensive way to completely revolutionize your cooking. Fantastic spice blends will take any dish next level.


Are there certain recipes beginner cooks should try first?

My Everyday Roast Chicken Breast, a simple stir fry, a Greek salad, and my Grapefruit Roast Chicken.

Do you have any favorite tools or equipment in your kitchen?

A high-quality Made In knife, a good garlic press, and our beautiful nocrumbsleft pottery.

What are your greatest sources for culinary inspiration?

My partner Roy, and my sister PS. In the 80s, Martha Stewart had a huge impact on me. My mother’s love of music paved the way to my love for cooking.

What about cooking inspires you the most?

It’s the magic of getting in the kitchen with a few simple ingredients and coming up with something absolutely delicious, and sharing it with friends.

Teri’s Featured Recipe

My new pork tenderloin can take you from a beautiful dinner to a salad and sandwich the following day. It’s fun to cook smart and make the week easier.

Spiced Pork Tenderloin




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