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Aleppo Pepper Substitute

Aleppo Pepper Substitute

Aleppo pepper gives a somewhat sweet and moderately hot flavor to dishes. Aleppo is a type of pepper that has a similar flavor to ancho peppers, however aleppo has a slight cumin flavor with a hint of salt and vinegar flavor. 

If you’re looking for a quick substitute for aleppo pepper, you’ll find plenty of household pantry items that can get the job done. 

Substitutes for Aleppo Pepper

If you can’t find aleppo pepper or don’t have any on hand, don’t worry! Use any of the substitutes below to get the same heat, sweet, and savory flavor that aleppo pepper provides. Use a combination of mostly hungarian sweet paprika and a pinch of cayenne pepper to achieve a very close substitute to the real thing.



Common Aleppo Pepper Substitution Questions

Is Aleppo Pepper the Same as Paprika?

Aleppo Pepper isn’t the same as paprika, but they share very similar flavors, the only thing missing is the heat that comes from Aleppo peppers which can be replaced by adding a bit of cayenne.

Is Aleppo Pepper the Same as Cayenne Pepper?

These are not the same peppers and using just cayenne pepper in place for Aleppo pepper would add too much heat and leave a flat flavor.

What do you Use Aleppo Pepper for?

Aleppo pepper is great in soups and chili, like our chicken tortilla soup or our Guinness chili along with dips like Vulcan’s fire dip, and baba ghanoush.



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