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Ginger Substitute

Ginger Substitute

Ground ginger is the perfect way to add a zing to almost anything. Most dried ginger in the U.S. comes from India, but the highest quality ginger actually comes from China. Ginger from China can be hard to find, but The Spice House always has some on hand for you.

Substitute for Ginger

Ginger was initially dried so it could withstand the long trips from India to the middle east 5,000 years ago. During this time it was primarily used as a spice or brewed in tea. Top-grade Chinese ginger has a bright, lemony aroma when freshly grated, adding a warming heat to stir fries, curries, and baked goods. Although there’s nothing like freshly ground ginger, there are some replacements you can use if you don’t have any on hand.



Substitute Ginger in Stir Fry

When making stir fry, ginger is a key ingredient to get the signature zing and classic taste of teriyaki. If you don’t have any ground ginger on hand, feel free to use fresh ginger instead or vice versa! If you don’t have fresh or ground ginger, use a 1:1 ratio of ground allspice, ground cinnamon, ground mace or ground nutmeg to the amount of ground ginger called for.

Common Ginger Substitution Questions

Can I Substitute Ground Ginger for Fresh Ginger?

Yes! It’s not a perfect substitute, but you can ensure you’ll still get a great ginger flavor by using ¼ tsp ground ginger for every 1 tablespoon grated ginger.

Is Nutmeg Similar to Ginger?

Nutmeg has a spicy-sweet flavor that also resembles ginger which is why nutmeg makes a great substitute for ground ginger.

Is Ginger Powder the Same as Ground Ginger?

Ginger powder and ground ginger are the same spice. Ground ginger is simply fresh ginger that has been dried, peeled and ground into a fine powder. Ginger powder is best when freshly ground.

What is a Good Ginger Substitute in Cooking?

For both cooking or baking, using ground allspice, ground nutmeg, ground mace or ground cinnamon will work to give a similar zing of ginger.



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