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The Spice House
Morel Mushrooms
Morel Mushrooms
Morel Mushrooms
Morel Mushrooms
Morel Mushrooms
Morel Mushrooms
Morel Mushrooms
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Morel Mushrooms

Made in Small Batches
Untamed and elusive, morel mushrooms are prized by foraging chefs and mushroom hunters. Our wild-foraged mushrooms save you hours of searching the woods under old elm trees. Their deliciously earthy and nutty flavor makes for delectable pasta dishes, soups, and risotto.
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The Spice House

Staff Tips & Tricks

  • For maximum flavor, rehydrate mushrooms in a bowl with 1 cup hot water for 30 min, turning as needed.
  • Add morel mushrooms to homemade soup stock recipes.
  • Stuff reydrated morels with whipped goat cheese for a rich appetizer.

About This Spice

Be sure to discard any sediment from the soaking liquid, as this is a natural product. Try sautéing the rehydrated mushrooms in olive oil with minced garlic or shallots before adding some freshly cooked penne pasta into the pan for a rustic dinner. We also love using these morel mushrooms in recipes for risotto, soups, or simply sautéed in butter and placed upon a grilled steak.

1oz dried morels = over 1/2 lb of fresh

Do not eat raw, cook thoroughly before consumption.


Morel mushrooms.

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Taste Notes
earthy, nutty, rich
Perfect For
pasta dishes, risotto


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Minnesota F.
Must Have For Spaghetti Sauce.

I have use The Spice House Morel Mushrooms in my Spaghetti Sauce for years, and they are an absolute must have. The Morel Mushrooms enhance the flavor of the sauce to another level.

Martha N.
Very fresh.

Love the flat packs!

Kathryn R.
Tidy package of tasty morels

Yes, these are best fresh, but Spice House dried morels are the next best thing - especially mid-winter!

Mary M.N.
Very clean morels

When in season, I could purchase fresh morels from a local farmers' market. Unfortunately I no longer seem to get the fresh product as the collector no longer does so. These dried morels from The Spice House work for me. They rehydrate well and are clean inside despite being whole mushrooms.
I've ordered several times.

Connie D.
Savory and added to my recipe

I made a rice side dish and added the Morel Mushrooms. These were exactly what the side dish needed. Savory, texture and balance to make it unique. Thanks Spice House!

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