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Summery No-Cook Sandwich Spreads

Summery No-Cook Sandwich Spreads

Few foods are more satisfying than a perfectly assembled sandwich. (Especially when summer weather renders the oven off limits.) Spices double sandwich deliciousness by transforming plain mayonnaise into gourmet spreads. We gathered our favorite spiced sandwich spread recipes so you can skip cooking while still savoring every bite of your dinner. Check our dips and dressings spices for more flavorful inspiration.

If you have a favorite no-cook summer recipe or sandwich spread, leave us a comment below or email us at

Garden Dill Sandwich Spread

Creamy dill sandwich dressing in a bowl.

Fragrant notes of dill weed and zesty hints of lemon make this creamy spread taste delectably light and balanced. A combo of Greek yogurt and mayonnaise are a perfect match for our Garden Dill Dip Mix. We enjoyed this spread on a rustic turkey and Swiss cheese sub sandwich. This dilly recipe is also the perfect sandwich accruement for smoked salmon and thinly sliced cucumbers.


Classic Italian Vinaigrette

Okay, this recipe isn’t a sandwich spread...It is a salad dressing. However, you simply cannot have an Italian submarine sandwich without a good vinaigrette. Simply whisk our Italian Salad Dressing Mix into equal parts olive oil and red wine vinegar. We highly recommend getting some Italian bread with sesame seeds and adorning it with slices of capicola, sopressa salami, and provolone cheese. Don’t forget the shredded lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and pepperoncini!


Chipotle Lime Mayonnaise

Smoky and perfectly spicy, this mayo recipe brings the heat to any cold cut sandwich. It also makes a delicious dressing for a southwestern chicken salad. Ground chipotle chiles and roasted granulated garlic deliver the savory elements that plain mayo was dearly missing. We love this mayo for a ham, avocado, and pepper jack sandwich.



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