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Sumac Substitute

Sumac Substitute

Sumac is a unique spice in the cashew family with origins in the Middle East. The dark red berry has a bright, tart lemony flavor profile. A mainstay in Mediterranean dishes such as hummus and kebabs - sumac can also be delicious on fish and popcorn. 


Substitute for Sumac

Sumac replacements range from lemon zest, lemon pepper, lemon juice or vinegar to replicate the tart flavor of sumac. But, beware that you should use less of these substitutes than the recipe calls for as they are more powerful than the sumac flavor. Za’atar is also a good sumac spice alternative as it is used in the blend. 

The flavor in sumac is important to dishes, so it shouldn’t be left out, luckily there are many substitutes that you probably already have on hand! Our favorite substitutes for sumac are:

Common Sumac Questions

What Is Sumac? 

Sumac is one of the most recognized spices to come out of the Middle East. Sumac has a bold citrusy flavor and also has many health benefits including antioxidants and may also help balance blood sugar. 

What Is a Substitute For Sumac? 

Sumac has a fruity flavor almost like lemon. The sourness can balance the acidity of a dish.

What Are Some Common Sumac Recipes?

Sumac is very versatile and works in many different dishes. Use sumac on roasted vegetables like on our Sumac Roasted Cauliflower, on meat using our Sumac Spice Rub, or use sumac more traditionally in this Sumac Hummus recipe.



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