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The 11 Best Thyme Substitutes

The 11 best Thyme substitutes

Thyme is a pungent warm, woody spice related to mint and oregano. One of the oldest culinary herbs, it is a key ingredient in many Mediterranean and French cuisines. In fact there is some flavor nuance to the sweeter softer French thyme compared to heartier Mediterranean thyme. 

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Substitutes for thyme range from similar fresh herbs such as oregano, marjoram and rosemary. For dry thyme alternatives: consider a 1:3 substitute of fresh thyme. Many blends can also be substituted as thyme is a key component for example: poultry seasoning, za’atar, and herbs de provence.  


Substitutes for Thyme: 

Thyme is a great mediterranean herb that adds such a warm flavor to add to savory dishes, and also has many health benefits, but when you’re looking for a comforting dish, and don’t have any thyme in the spice cabinet, you’re probably wondering “what can be used instead of thyme”? Use one of the spices here to give your dish the same layers of flavor thyme provides. Our favorite thyme substitutes:  

Dried Thyme Substitute: 

To substitute dried thyme for fresh thyme you can use a 1:3 ratio. In other words, use three times as much fresh herbs when the recipe calls for dried or use ⅓ as much if substituting dried when the recipe calls for fresh.

Common Thyme Substitute Questions

What is a Good Thyme Substitute for Chicken Recipes?

Thyme is a fan favorite in chicken recipes due to the light flavor and noticeable aroma. To create a rub that will give off the same feeling of thyme, try using poultry seasoning or tarragon.

What is a Good Thyme Substitute for Beef Recipes?

For beef recipes thyme is a classic. It pairs well with the flavor of beef and adds depth to beef dishes. Thyme makes a perfect crust for roasts, but if you don’t have thyme try using marjoram or parsley instead!

What is a Good Thyme Substitute in French Onion Soup?

Thyme adds a lot of flavor to french onion soup, but if you don’t have any on hand you can use herbs de provence, bay leaf, or oregano to be sure your soup will not be dull.

Can I Substitute Sage for Thyme? 

Although sage and thyme are frequently used together, sage gives dishes a more piney flavor that doesn’t replace the flavor of thyme. However, if you have a blend like Italian seasoning that would be a good fit considering it contains both thyme and sage.

What Does Thyme Taste Like?

Thyme has a strong herbal flavor with floral notes similar to what you’d find in lavender or rosemary. Thyme gives dishes a minty flavor, a little bit sweet and a little bit peppery.

Our Favorite Thyme Recipes

Thyme is a great spice to always have on hand because it elevates the flavors in many different types of dishes. We love to use thyme in Chicken Curry or in this Seafood Soup recipe.



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