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The fact that good curry powders contain no salt, sugar, MSG, or preservatives only enhances our appreciation for these pure spice blends. While there are almost infinite variations of curry powder, this curry spice gift box contains our four most popular blends.


Most of what we know about curry has come not from books, but from many years of listening to and learning from our Indian customers. Many of them are quite experienced in the art of blending curries, which varies from cook to cook. We seek each spice from its top country of origin; then we grind the whole form of the spice here at our store, hand- sift the curry mixture, and mix it 1500 turns to bring out the most balanced flavors.

Since our curry blends are intensely fresh, they are much stronger than those typically available at the grocery store. If you are used to store bought curries, we recommend that you cut back on your recipe until you are familiar with the strength of our very potent powder.

Your curry spice set is packaged with handpicked Turkish bay leaves, cinnamon sticks from Indonesia, and whole nutmeg.

This curry spice gift box contains the following selection of curry powders:


known as our Western or Occidental blend, this is our recommendation for those new to curries. It is by far the most popular of our curries; it will give you a panorama of flavors without too much heat. “Sweet” in this context does not mean sweet like sugar, but rather is contrasted with “hot.” This is the blend you would use for any recipe calling for curry powder unless “hot” curry is specified. When using on beef, pork, poultry or fish, start with ½ tsp per pound of meat. This blend is also a very nice salt-free seasoning for vegetables such as squash or zucchini. Add to pasta salad dishes for a little variety; good also with eggs, or in chicken or vegetable soup. Hand mixed from: turmeric, Moroccan coriander, cumin, ginger, nutmeg, fennel, cinnamon, fenugreek, white pepper, arrowroot, cardamon, cloves, Tellicherry black pepper, red pepper.


Known as the Oriental blend, this curry gives you the same full flavor as the sweet with the added element of heat derived from more cayenne red pepper and fresh, warm ginger. Substitute for sweet curry powder any time you prefer a bite to your dish. Hand mixed from: turmeric, Cayenne red pepper, China No. 1 ginger, Indian cumin, white pepper, cinnamon, fenugreek, fennel, nutmeg, arrowroot, cardamon, cloves, Tellicherry pepper.


This spice mixture is a Punjabi, or Northern Indian style curry powder, featuring a base of cardamom, coriander and pepper rather than turmeric.This highly aromatic seasoning serves as quite an all-purpose blend in Indian cooking, seasoning dishes from lamb, goat and pork to fresh fish to many potato and vegetable dishes. Quite often it is sprinkled on the top of dishes towards the end of the cooking process to preserve the good flavor. Hand mixed from Moroccan coriander, cardamom from Tamil Nadu, India, Tellicherry pepper, cinnamon, kalonji, caraway, Zanzibar cloves, China #1 ginger and nutmeg.


Generally speaking, tandoori food has been mildly spiced and slow-cooked in a tandoor, or hot clay oven. This seasoning gives a close approximation of the exotic, aromatic flavor without the actual clay oven. In fact, you might even like this Americanized version better! We had a couple in our shop who had spent several months in India and loved the tandoori dishes they had tried - until they inquired as to the actual specifics of the cooking methods. A key factor to sealing in the flavor of the meat is to line the wall of the clay oven (against which the meat rests) with cow dung! Don’t try this at home. The seasoning is also good with baked shrimp; various seafood steaks; chicken or shrimp pasta salad. Hand mixed from Moroccan coriander, cumin, garlic, powder, paprika, China ginger, Guatemalan cardamom and Spanish saffron.

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